Sparta - La batalla de las Termópilas

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Fantastic strategy game from the Ancient Wars saga where Spartans, Persians and Egyptians fight for power.

In the year 480BC just a few Spartans resisted the might of the Persian army, and stopped Jerjes, the King of Persia from taking control and all the power of Europe. The Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea were witnesses to an infernal fight without rest. The future of these poeple is now in your hands...

Sparta - The Battle of Thermopile is a fantastic real time strategy game, from the prestigious Ancient Wars saga, where Spartans, Persians and Egyptians fight for power and control in Asia, Europe and North Africa.

Sparta - The Battle of Thermopile is made up of extensive campaigns and various missions for each one of the three races you can control (Spartans, Persians and Egyptians). You main mission is to create a large army and make correct tactical manouvers to reach a satisfactory conclusion. The player has various weapons and shields for their army, and can also collect them from the battlefield, or even import them from other cultures to create more powerful elite units.

In Sparta - The Battle of Thermopile nature can also play an important part (wild fires, rain, etc). You have to provide resources to villages so they can develop and grow, making them stronger so they can generate resources in turn for your war effort.

Although the game is in English, there are various other languages available, including Spanish.


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